Monday, June 10, 2013


Welcome to the Beauty that Builds blog! The official blog of the future Faith Builders Unit in Mary Kay cosmetics! The purpose of this blog is to share customer reviews of products, before and after photos and stories of the women We get to meet while carrying out our Mary Kay businesses.
   I, Shelley, have had the distinct privilege of growing up in this company and seeing the benefits of Mary Kay as a business. My mom, Sue Uibel, is literally less than twenty days away from becoming the *newest* National sales director with Mary Kay! To say that I am excited for her and proud of her is an understatement! She has worked hard for twenty three years and has cultivated many relationships which have brought her to this place.
     For many years, I have watched and enjoyed the benefits that Mary Kay has provided. I always said it wasn't for me and that I couldn't do it. I'll share my whole story some other time, but in October of 2012, I gave birth to my daughter and my world changed. "I can't do it" turned into "I'll try" which then turned into "I want to" because of her. I found that I enjoy building realtionships with positive women and that the products provide more than just skin care and a pretty face. They provide confidence. I have the freedoms to share my faith in my business and support the causes I want to support with my earnings. All the while, I am able to create options for her and our family.
     I believe that beauty comes from within and that wearing, or choosing not to wear makeup, doesn't make you beautiful. To be beautiful is many things! I have sat with many women who *need* a self confidence boost or simply want to improve their appearance. Mary kay provides an array of great products to help do that! As a beauty consultant, my job is listen and guide someone to the right products that make them feel wonderful and stand a few inches taller. :)
    I'm not a "makeup artist" but have a background in the arts and color, so you will see some before and after where we aren't out to necessarily create an every day look, but to experiment with colors and create specific styles. Makeup is art as well and you should have fun with it!
   So here is a little corner of the Internet world where you will get to see pictures of before and afters, read reviews (both the good and bad) of products and hopefully try some for yourself. Ultimately, our goal is to build relationships one person at a time, for Gods glory and let Him work as he wants to! Happy Building!